Pore Detox Facial
$120  (60mins)
This detox facial blending of Lactic acid, Glycolic acid  and Salicylic acid exfoliates to promote a purified and clear complexion.
**Electroporation procedure is also available in combination with this treatment for additional benefit.

Oxygenating Facial
$165  (70mins)
This antioxidant therapy supports skin metabolism. This treatment leaves skin purified,glowing and radiant.

Acne Treatment
$165  (70mins)
In addition to a host of antibacterial  and antioxidant ingredients, a choice between a pumpkin enzyme or salicylic acid therapeutic mask  will address acne issues through an exfoliation process.  Coated with a Marine Mask especially developed to reduce inflammation and gently hydrate while promoting your clear and healthy complexion.

Sophia's Custom Facial
$175  (75mins)
Custom facial that will be designed for individual clients based on skin concerns. Various modalities and active ingredients will be used.

Age Defense Facial

$195  (75mins)
This is a unique approach using a formula tailored to serve your very specific skin rejuvenation needs. Facial masks proportionately combined ingredients like wakame kelp, concentrated sea water, rice bran oil, and hydrazine to match and encourage  your richly moisturized  and  reinvigorated skin.
**Microcurrent procedure is also available in combination with this treatment to stimulate cellular structures of your skin. 

Hydro Facial
$250  (80mins)
Hydrodermabrasion is a skin treatment combining non-invasive exfoliation with the infusion of skin-specific topical solutions to improve and revitalize the skin. We also use electroporation to infuse specific correctors for your skin's needs. 

Microneedling Therapy (collagen induction treatment)
$295  (75mins)
Micro-needling is micro fine needles that create micro wound in the skin to stimulating the collagen respond. This treatment helps to rejuvenate the skin.


Microcurrent                                   +$80
Microdermabrasion                         +$80
Hydrodermabrasion                        +$150